Our expertise in car rental and management for 4×4 safari Land cruisers, 4×4 Safari tour vans with pop up roofs, 4×4 coaster buses and saloon cars will guarantee you safety and comfort to your destination at friendly prices. Our professional drivers come with a wealth of experience in mechanical knowledge, road safety skills and a great passion as guides on tourist attractions, culture and historical events in Uganda.safari-car-for-hire-uganda

We cater for all budgets and special needs and road safety by having all vehicles comprehensively insured. Give us a call or send us an e mail to book.

We recommend at least 48 hours after your inquiry to prepare your car order to where you may need it.


 Our Fleet of Vehicles include:

Saloon Cars: Our saloon cars for hire in Uganda with a driver will carry a maximum of 3 passengers and the driver will be the 4th. The cargo compartment usually at the back is big enough to carry two medium sized suite cases.

A saloon car will enable you get your way around town, go to the airport or visit nearby attractions like ‘the adventure city “ Jinja, where source of the R. Nile is found, White water rafting , quad biking , and much more is found. This is budget travel compared to other vehicle types. The simple drives within Kampala, Entebbe and the areas around the city are within the 100 km radius. Saloon cars are not suitable for long distance drives or driving in remote areas of Uganda where roads are challenging.

Prices for saloon car hire range from $ 40 – $ 60 per day inclusive of the driver without fuel. The booking process is not based on mileage but the agreed places discussed at the time of booking.

4X4 Safari Land cruisers for hire.

Affordable 4X4 Safari Land Cruisers for Hire are available at House of Uganda Safaris. The  Safari Land cruisers are customized for safari and  can go long distances , go to national parks under the most comfortable conditions possible.

4X4 Safari Land cruisers are extended and spacious. The distance between the seat rows makes them comfortable with enough leg room, a seat belt and a pocket on the behind of the seat in front for storing some personal effects. They feature adequate height hence offering extended views of the areas where they are being driven. This makes them ideal for game viewing in the savannah parks around the country.

They have Air conditioning and battery re-charging system. They have seating capacity of 5 – 7 people seated comfortably with enough leg room. The Luggage space inside the vehicle is adequate.

The price range is from $ 150 to $ 230.00. The price includes a professional driver guide. Fuel is excluded. For bookings please call or send an email ……………………..48  hrs. minimum recommended for delivery on time

4X4 Safari Vans for hire

4x4-mini-coaster-buses4X4 customized safari vans have demonstrated the capacity to access distant Uganda Safari destinations and negotiating over challenging road sections.

The Safari Vans feature a pop up roof which presents uninterrupted wild game viewing opportunities in the savannah protected areas of Uganda’s national parks, namely; Lake Mburo National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park along with savannah game reserves.

The Safari Vans have a seating capacity of 9 people but recommend up to 7 passengers to guarantee a window seat per passenger. Luggage can be kept inside while vans with a luggage rack on top can carry some.They are also recommended for price conscious travellers. They offer value for money. The Safari Vans have Air conditioning system, Battery re-charging facilities and clear windows for viewing.

Rental price for our Safari Tour Vans ranges from $ 80 – $130 per day driver inclusive.

The hire includes experienced drivers who are also trained safari guides. They have deep understanding of the roads, trained at interpretation of the attractive landscapes including wildlife and local culture that might be encountered along the way and at the destination in question. The majority are English speaking, however other special languages including Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Russian can be availed on request at an additional cost.

4X4 Safari vans – customized Super Customs are another category of vans customized for safaris. They have a sitting capacity of 5 people / window seat guaranteed with spongy comfortable seats. The Safari Super customs feature popup roof, clear windows suitable for wild game viewing, they also have battery recharging facilities for charging the camera batteries and phones not forgetting an Air conditioning. Price range $ 70 to $ 100.00

4X4 Mini coaster Buses: These take up to 35 people depending on the size but most of them range from 25 – 32 people seated comfortably while keeping touch with one another. In fact, a person can communicate to everyone in the vehicle ably without the microphone.

Some of these 4×4 Coasters mini buses for rent have clear windows thence can be used for tours and safaris in particular sight-seeing and wild game viewing. The groups travelling together like Student groups / organizational groups find it cheaper as the transport costs are spread over many people.

The more enhanced minivans and coasters with Air conditioning, more comfortable seats with enough leg rooms, flat screens and provision for recharging is also available and these are ideal for delegates and staff of corporate organizations. These en – henced Vans / Coasters range from $100 – $250 per day inclusive of the driver but less of fuel and the price depends on the carrying capacity and the destination

Whether you intend to go for a company retreat or reaching out to communities in medium groups of 10 – 35 people, the Minibus or Coasters are the ideal means.  To book, call or send an email. 48 hours minimum time is required for the booking.

More services:

  1. For pick up or drop off at the Entebbe International Airport, price ranges from $ 70 to & 150.00 depending on the car type. Price includes Fuel and driver
  2. City tours and safari packages, House of Uganda safaris is at your disposal. Please check our website for details.
  3. Driver hire services : Our  a pool of drivers with  over 10 years’ experience can be hired as below :
  4. As part of the package when hiring any of our vehicles – Complimentary
  5. A driver can be hired to drive a person vehicle visiting a national park and be a guide while on game drives. Cost : $ 50.00 per day
  • A driver can also be hired in a private car going on errands to the country side Cost : $ 40.00
  • A driver can also be hired in to drive a private car around Kampala, Entebbe or to Jinja to carry visitors, family members on errands or tourism purposes like a city tour. Cost per day $ 30.00

PLEASE NOTE: All Vehicle hires on a safari package come with a provision of mineral water on board.