Pearl Gardens Beach – medium to budget accommodationpearl-gardens-beach

It is 20-acre beach resort located on beautiful Islands of Ssese. It has 10 wooden bandas; 40 beds Dormitory, Guest Houses of 32 bedrooms and 4 self- contained executive cottages of 20 beds. The beach has beautiful white sands.

Brovad Sands Lodge – medium accommodationbrovad-sands-lodge

Located on the fore-front white sand beaches of the Ssese Islands, Brovad Sands Lodge provides the finest first-class beach accommodation that blends well with the traditional hospitality of the native Ssese Islands.

The Lodge has large rooms on the entire Ssese Island Beach! This ensures that each of our guests enjoys the quite, peacefulness and luxury of this place within a very spacious setting.

Bulago Island: Pine Apple Bay Resort pineapple-bay-resort

The Pineapple Bay Resort is set on Bulago Island on Lake Victoria. The resort offers a small paradise with six luxurious chalets, and is the ideal family vacation spot or honeymoon destination. The chalets are all strategically positioned at different points along the beach. The chalets consist of one large bedroom, a large bath, and a veranda facing the lake.

Activities include: long strolls on the beach or sailing on the lake, and horse riding. Guests can splash in the pool or just relax on the sun loungers with a cocktail. The island has a variety of landscapes ranging from a small rainforest at the north-eastern tip of the island and savannah-like grassland.