Kidepo Valley national park: It is famous for Game Drives, Guided nature Walks, Bird watching; Visiting the local Karamajong community and Spectacular scenery.

Apoka Safari Lodge – Upmarket accommodationapoka-lodge

Wildlife in Kidepo is in large numbers. Lions, leopard, cheetah, elephant, giraffe, zebra (this is Uganda’s only park where giraffe and zebra are found together), possibly Africa’s largest herds of buffalo, hartebeest, waterbuck, bushbuck, warthog…the list is endless.

Apoka safari Lodge is made of cottages. The rooms were built with comfort in mind; everything is large and capacious. There are 10 expansive rooms with natural canvas walls surround a rocky kopje with endless views across the savannah. There are inside sitting rooms, private verandas and plenty of places to relax, read and sprawl.  Big hand-hewn beds with soft duvets are draped with mosquito nets, hand-woven woollen carpets, extra-large plush towels, over-sized dressing gowns…you may be as far away from the city as you’ll ever be, but you won’t miss a thing.

Apoka Rest Camp – budget accommodationapoka-rest-camp

The Camp is made of 16 non self-contained chalets. Each Banda has 2 beds; are not self- contained; find the toilet facilities just outside the Bandas or your cabins.

Meals: Guests are recommended to carry enough food as well as drinks to last them throughout their stay within the park. Cooking may be organized by the  staff of the camp and also other additional diet for example chicken plus goat meat may be organized from the close by community intended for visitors that plan to stay for a longer time.

The spectacular rocky attractiveness of Kidepo Valley National Park combined with the wild animals that waits are going to be well worth it.