Queen Elizabeth National Park

Discover and enjoy the pearl of Africa

Queen Elizabeth National Park is located along the equator in the south western Uganda. It’s the second largest national park in Uganda covering an area of 1,978 square kilometers. 

The park has a variety of Flora and Fauna and it’s acknowledged to be a habitat for over 95 mammal species with about 606 species of birds, various species of fish insects and reptiles. The park has around 57 types of animal life and five levels of vegetation. They include: bushy grassland, Acacia woodland, Lakeshore or swamp vegetation along with forest grassland. The wildlife includes: Cape buffalo, Uganda kob, waterbuck, warthog, lion, leopard, hyena, giant forest hog as well as elephants. Topics can only be discovered in Ishasha and forest primate found in Kyambura gorge in addition to Maramagambo forest.