Discover and enjoy the pearl of Africa

Entebbe is a major town in central Uganda located on Lake Victoria Peninsula. As a historical town it was one time a seat of government of the protectorate of Uganda. This was before independence in 1962. Entebbe being home to the main international Entebbe airport opened first in 1929 is the first town that welcomes every visitor who comes to the country by air. This town is quiet and cool with breezes from Lake Victoria. The beach palm trees and the botanical gardens filled with different species of birds.

Entebbe attractions include:

  • The national Botanical gardens laid out is 1898
  • The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre / serving also as Uganda’s national Zoo.
  • It is home to State house, the official residence, of the president of Uganda
  • Entebbe is also where the oldest Golf course / Golf club in East Africa is found. It was established in 1900
  • White beaches with a variety of restaurants famous for serving fish (the tilapia), fresh from Lake Victoria
  • Boat cruises on Lake Victoria
  • Fishing on Lake Victoria
  • For bird lovers, there are bird species which live around the Lake: