While Uganda as a land locked country does not enjoy the long sandy beaches of the likes of Mombasa / Kenya or Zanzibar Tanzania, it has small jewels of beachssese-islands1 on Islands on Lake Victoria that add value and diversity to Uganda’s tourism aspects.

The new Pineapple Bay Resort is located on Bulago Island on Lake Victoria offers a small paradise with six luxurious chalets and guests can enjoy long strolls on the beach or sailing on the lake, fishing trips, sundowner cruises and horse riding. The island offers a wide variety of landscapes ranging from a small rainforest at the north-eastern tip of the island and savannah-like grassland in the interior of the island.

Other places with white sand beaches include:

Ssese islands: This is Uganda’s answer to the Mediterranean. A beautiful group of 84 islands lying off the northwestern shores of Lake Victoria, with beaches ringing the shores, complete with swaying palms for that tropical touch. Inland lie rolling hills coated with lush rainforest. Locals live in villages along the shoreline and launch their fishing boats each evening at sunset.

Many spots afford beautiful views over the lake and across to the other islands. Negotiating with fishermen for a boat trip around the islands is easy, and swimming is also possible off most of the islands, although avoid reedy areas – bilharzia alert.

Buggala Island (the biggest of these islands) is easily accessible by ferry, and is a regular weekend destination for Kampala City residents. The island forms an L shape (with the long stem of the L pointing south, and the short stem pointing west). There are several beachfront hotels situated along Kalangala Bay near the ferry dock, which is located near the corner of the L. The bay forms one large beach, and it is more or less possible to walk between most of the hotels along the beach. The bay itself is serene with music carrying from one of the properties every other time.