This activity takes place in Kibale Forest National Park, which has the greatest population of Chimpanzees in their natural habitat. Many of the chimps have been habituated to allow human access to them. Nocturnal Tours have also been developed to enable visitors view the social life of chimps at night. Other areas for 3-days-itinerary-to-Kibale-national-parkChimpanzee Tracking include; the Kyambura gorge near Queen Elizabeth National PARK, and Budongo Forest in the Southern part of Murchison Falls National Park.

These chimpanzees are tracked in the wild, in their natural environment. The tracking starts at 0800 accompanied by a trained guide walking you through the forest and giving you a lot of information on the flora and fauna of the forest .He can name all the primates and birds as well as the tree species. He will walk you through the network of the forest paths deep into the jungle until you get to the chimps.

Chimps live in communities with members up to more than 40. They go in groups searching for food. The grown males move together, hunting or patrolling the areas in which they live. The females too move in groups joining the male groups every other time. Chimpanzees eat nuts leaves, seeds, fruits meat and insects. The guide will enable you follow of the groups. The chimps will communicate to each about your presence and this can be very loud as they warn each other.

In addition to the chimpanzees in the forest, you may come across, elephants, monkeys and much. Chimpanzees keep moving away from you. So you track them as they go further and further into the forest. You will cross small rivers, walk over fallen trees, as you watch and wonder at these creatures.

The walk may take 2 to 3 hours. When the chimpanzees finally rest at about 1100hrs you can stand and observe them closely. Being habituated, they will continue with their routine as you take pictures. Sometimes they are on the ground, sometimes high in the trees. Use binoculars for better visibility. You are allowed one hour with them. The length of observation with them is limited so as not to stress them too much.

Booking: You are advised to book chimpanzee tracking activity at least three months in advance to guarantee yourself an opportunity to track them. Permits are limited to 12 per group twice a day and it is a very popular activity.

The other places to visit chimpanzees include Mgamba Island on Lake Victoria and the Uganda wild life Centre, Entebbe. These two sites offer different experiences.