Wildlife Safaris in Uganda’s most popular National Parks is one of many passions. Visitors flock Uganda to see wild game. The theme of a safari tomurchison-falls-park-2 Africa is to see the legendary “Big Five” including the elephant, the lion, the Giraffe, the Rhinoceros and the Buffalo among other wild species.

Uganda offers a number of national parks for purposes of catching a glimpse of Big Game.

Murchison Falls National Game Park, Queen Elizabeth National Game Park, Kidepo Valley National Game Park, Lake Mburo National Game Park, Semliki National Game Park

The above mentioned parks and Wildlife Reserves offer different aspects of wildlife observation.  In addition to the big five, activity likes bird watching, primate viewing, and much more.  Our staff will offer tailor made itineraries while our professional guides with a long field experience will endeavor to execute it to the minutest detail to enable you have the best experience possible.

The different national parks in your itinerary will be selected according to your interests hence the type of animals, the time available for your visit, your preference regarding crowds of other tourists and the seasons which affect the weather and animal movements. It must be noted that there is no way of knowing what each day will bring and therefore no guarantees that you’ll see absolutely everything you are after, but most safaris give an amazing wildlife experience!

big-game-safariWildlife viewing can be done in a 4 x 4 vehicle enhanced by a popup roof and/ or a guaranteed window seat. You can also have an aerial view of wildlife or boat cruise on the various water bodies like the Kazinga channel at Queen Elizabeth Park, the River Nile at Murchison falls national park, the Lake Albert, Semliki game reserve and on the lake at Lake Mburo national park.

For those with specialized interests like bird watchers, primate followers and other animal lovers and plants, guided nature walks will get you to fulfill your dream. For successful game drives, the time of day will improve your chances. The best opportunity to see wildlife is early morning and in the evening. When it is cool, animals are very mobile. The visitor may see plenty of game, mainly large animals, but the African wilderness has so much to offer: the incredible bird-life, little mammals, primates, reptiles, trees and other plants. Please come with an open mind and experience the different aspects of nature and conservation in Uganda.

Please use you guide to learn more about the animals. Carry a pair of binoculars for spotting wildlife – Come with you camera to photograph important aspects of your game experience. Night game drives too have now been introduced in most national parks to see some nocturnal animals and birds rarely spotted during the day like the owl. A mix of car drives, boat cruises, guided walks, watch towers and canoeing will provide the variation you need to keep your tour captivating.